From June 2017 SWIFT will be rolling out SWIFTNet Release 7.2.  The deadline for this mandatory upgrade of SWIFT 7.2 is September 2018 for all SWIFT members who host their own SWIFT environment (Swift Alliance Access / Gateway), but will also affect the majority of service bureaus and other providers of SWIFT connectivity. The impact of the release is far reaching:

The impact of the release is far reaching:

  • Major financial investments in purchase of new hardware and software
  • Large effort for upgrading of operating systems and new SWIFT Alliance software
  • Significant testing effort as all the components are new

The SWIFT 7.2 upgrade will be a major undertaking for your business both in terms of resources and finance, so it has never been a better time to consider outsourcing your in-house solution or replacing your current SWIFT connectivity provider.

D+H offers a variety of outsourced models to migrate your existing infrastructure, manage your SWIFT and non-SWIFT bank connectivity, and provide a corporate portal to manage your liquidity and payment flows. D+H will not only streamline your bank connectivity but also help you centralize your payment infrastructure, reduce your operational risk profile and realize significant cost reductions.

D+H is one of the world's largest service bureaus with over 700 clients across 70 countries, including banks, financial institutions and corporations.  SWIFT has awarded us with their highest level of certification, the Premier Operational Label.

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