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As a lender, you need to be able to make informed decisions quickly and accurately. Because you don’t just lend money; you help customers finance their cars, students pay for post-secondary education, families buy their first homes and businesses expand their operations. And because your customers rely on you to help finance their goals, you need the lending process to be as efficient as possible.

At D+H, we offer flexible, secure lending solutions that are designed to simplify the lending process so that you can focus on deepening your customer relationships. Our compliant, end-to-end solutions can be configured to meet your business needs. So, whether you provide auto financing or you’re a mortgage, student loan, consumer or commercial lender, our products will help manage the lending process from application to compliance to document and collateral management. And with the ability to integrate with other D+H products, your customers will have a seamless experience no matter how their needs evolve.

And when their needs do evolve, we’ll help you grow with them as well. By sharing our insights and expertise of the lending industry, we’ll partner with you to develop the next lending solution that will help finance their next goal. 

  • Mortgage Lending Solutions: D+H provides SaaS, web-based Mortgage Lending Solutions that allow lenders to obtain qualified applications from multiple point-of- sale channels (via the internet, in the branch or call centre, or  through  professional  loan  officers).   With collaboration and workflow tools, and Lending capabilities, D+H’s mortgage loan origination solution streamlines applications, pricing, disclosure, and approval.
  • Consumer Lending Solutions: D+H offers a complete consumer lending solution, from accepting online applications to automated processing and decisioning, compliant documentation and electronic document signing. D+H has developed a powerful suite of productivity and compliance tools that addresses the key areas of consumer credit underwriting, origination and processing.
  • Commercial Lending Solutions: D+H provides Commercial Lending Solutions to manage the end-to-end commercial lending process including origination, analysis, underwriting, covenant tracking and portfolio reporting including commercial real estate, one-time capital investments, leasing and financing and more. D+H also provides clients with solutions to produce compliant commercial loan documents.
  • Doc Prep, Compliance and Analytics Solutions: D+H’s solutions are designed to ease the compliance burden of your financial institution, no matter what the size. For more than 30 years, thousands of lenders across North America have depended on D+H’s doc prep and compliance solutions. 
  • Small Business Lending Solutions: D+H has a variety of solutions that can support your financial institution’s small business lending needs – from automated processing and decisioning to compliant documentation and electronic document signing.
  • Collateral Management Solutions: D+H gives lenders the tools needed to efficiently manage collateral. Whether performing due diligence searches, registering a lien, discharging liens and mortgages, or recovering assets if a loan goes into default, D+H offers integrated end-to-end solutions that work with your business processes and rules to reduce risk and deliver a seamless experience for staff and customers.
  • Student Lending Solutions: D+H is the Canadian industry leader in Student Lending Solutions, servicing key clients such as the government and a number of Canadian financial institutions. D+H supports over 1.7 million students and administers a $21 billion customer portfolio.