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Technical Services



D+H’s Technical Services put highly experienced technology and systems experts, and software engineers to work on your IT projects, either working with your internal department or on a turnkey basis. Our services range from institution-wide IT planning, security enhancement and database administration tasks, to interface design, development and testing. We can help you get the new efficiencies or features you need to stay competitive right now – without adding IT staff.

Let our Upgrade Assistance Technical Services remove the burden of constant technology upgrades from your financial institution. Our experts ensure you are running the latest versions of our software and systems, and that you are fully aware of the new features and functionality available to optimize your usage and productivity.

IT Planning Technical Services help you evaluate your financial institution's current infrastructure and use of D+H applications in support of your overall strategic and information technology plans. Our service ultimately makes recommendations on how you can more effectively utilize current technology, or whether additional technology and supporting infrastructure are necessary to achieve your business objectives.

Evaluate your financial institution’s current IT security program with our IT Security Technical Services. The services include an evaluation of systems and networks, internal and external information access and controls, and periodic vulnerability scanning. Once evaluated, we identify, quantify and correct any vulnerability weaknesses and provide recommendations on how to strengthen your overall security program to mitigate ongoing risk.

Database Management Technical Services can help optimize your database server performance for both online processing, as well as nightly batch processing. Our database administrators not only have the knowledge of the database platforms, but also of D+H’s products, enabling them to configure your system for optimal performance.

Integration of software applications can greatly contribute to enhancing operational efficiencies. Our Interfaces Technical Services assist you with quickly determining which existing interfaces you may need, or design, develop and implement new interfaces between third-party applications and your core system. Working with your vendor of choice, we will test and certify the interface to help speed your time to market.

Let our Middleware Technical Services experts configure your D+H core middleware so you can connect with the applications you choose. Our technical consultants work with your institution and third-party vendors to ensure the tightest integration possible so you can fully utilize the functionality. Maximizing integration opportunities not only helps streamline your processes, but contributes to efficiency gains and productivity.

ATM Certification Technical Services help facilitate ATM certification for your financial institution. Whether you need recommendations on which third-party ATM vendors are right for your needs, or consultation on which ATM solutions to implement for additional growth opportunities or added service, such as Instant card issue, ATM rebates, ATM fees, Hot carding, and more, our services are here to assist.

Our Technical Core Solution professionals can help identify new features and functionality that will contribute to improving your operations. Providing assistance with hardware, software and release installations and upgrades, database upgrades and security, and high availability business continuity services for your D+H core system, our wide array of options can help maximize your institution’s biggest investment, your core system.

Disaster Recovery Technical Services can evaluate your financial institution's current disaster recovery program to identify, quantify, and control risk related to the adequacy of the program, and provide recovery capabilities for D+H applications, should an unanticipated interruption in operation occur. Three levels of services include planning and documentation, disaster recovery infrastructure assistance, and full business continuity planning.

Our Performance Assessment Technical Services can evaluate your financial institution’s current D+H product performance to identify any potential impairment and provide recommendations for remediation. Virtualization Consulting Technical Services then evaluate your current server and network topology to identify potential cost and efficiency gains through the use of virtualization, as it pertains specifically to D+H products.