Cinq nouvelles institutions ont adopté UltraData® Enterprise de Harland Financial Solutions en fin d'année 2007

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Lake Mary, Florida (January 7, 2008) - Five credit unions recently selected Harland Financial Solutions' UltraData® Enterprise core processing solution to support their enterprise-wide operational and business needs. Harland Financial Solutions delivers UltraData in both an in-house and outsourced environment to more than 600 credit unions nationwide. 

Virginia Beach Schools Federal Credit Union (FCU) of Virginia Beach, Virginia ($60 million in assets), Capital Credit Union of Bismarck, North Dakota ($183 million in assets), and Colville Tribal Credit Union of Nespelem, Washington ($50 million in assets) will be using the in-house delivery of UltraData Enterprise. Utilizing service bureau delivery of the same UltraData Enterprise solution will be Star (South Texas Area Resources) Credit Union of Corpus Christi, Texas ($37 million in assets), and Metro Credit Union of Superior, Wisconsin ($34 million in assets).

In addition to the UltraData Enterprise core processing system, Capital Credit Union will implement Harland Financial Solutions' Cavion® Internet Banking, Interlinq® E3® Mortgage Origination and Loan Servicing solution, LaserPro® for business lending, Touché® Customer Relationship Management, along with hardware and services delivered by Harland Technology Services.Virginia Beach Schools FCU has also purchased Cavion Internet Banking and the Touché Customer Relationship Management solutions. Colville Tribal Credit Union is an existing LaserPro client.

"We are very impressed with the functionality and underlying technology of UltraData Enterprise," said Sally Fontenot, CEO of Virginia Beach Schools FCU. "The ability of the system to evolve along with our credit union's long-term growth strategy was a primary factor in our decision. Additionally, the simple navigation will enable our employees to easily access member information providing operational efficiency, as well as more effective member service."

"We found that UltraData Enterprise provides functionality that the competitive alternatives we evaluated do not," said Debra Gallagher, CEO of Capital Credit Union. "The overall functionality we anticipate gaining upon implementation will enable our entire staff to better serve our members and support our growth objectives. Overall, we feel Harland Financial Solutions is the best long-term partner for our institution."

"We focus our expertise around how our technology can help our clients serve their members better, provide operational efficiencies, promote growth and help manage risk. With these areas as our priorities, we can ensure we retain a loyal and successful client base," said David McConney, executive vice president and general manager of Harland Financial Solutions' Credit Union Core Systems Group. "In addition, providing the same UltraData Enterprise core solution and best-in-class applications whether in an in-house or service bureau delivery model also ensures our clients have the flexibility they need for the future."


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