D+H is the only firm that offers comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to lenders of all sizes, helping them manage every loan type and lending activity.

D+H provides solutions that span the entire lending workflow from start to finish. While these end-to-end solutions are comprehensive, they’re also simple to use, helping you increase profitability, scalability, and speed, no matter what your size or focus may be.

D+H delivers repeatable, transparent lending workflows where nothing is missing – except the stress. D+H also helps you avoid rekeying of data, letting you and your loan officers get back to what’s really important: building deeper relationships with your borrowers.

D+H: Lending Without Limits.

  • Commercial Lending: Total Lending™ manages the end-to-end commercial lending process including origination, analysis, underwriting, covenant tracking and portfolio reporting including commercial real estate, one-time capital investments, leasing and financing and more. Total Lending can also produce compliant commercial loan documents
  • Consumer Lending: D+H offers a complete consumer lending solution with Total Lending. From accepting online applications to automated processing and decisioning, compliant documentation and electronic document signing. D+H has developed powerful productivity and compliance tools that addresses the key areas of consumer credit underwriting, origination and processing.
  • Small Business Lending: D+H Small Business Lending solutions offer SaaS-based platforms optimized for small business borrowers who want fast, seamless, transparent lending experiences.
  • Mortgage Lending: D+H delivers technology solutions that span the entire mortgage-lending process, provided seamlessly and quickly through the cloud.
  • Compliance: D+H’s lending solutions are powered by the leading compliance technologies in the industry: LaserPro® and Mortgagebot® in the United States, and a suite of collateral management and mortgage technologies in Canada.
  • Collateral Management: D+H offers lenders an end-to-end Collateral Management Solution with a suite of services that supports the entire lending lifecycle.
  • Student Lending: D+H student lending solutions include the technology applications and the deep program management expertise necessary to manage a client’s program across the entire lending lifecycle – from loan origination to loan discharge.