D+H’s services team helps customers to maximize their investment by bringing projects in on time, on budget and with the lowest possible risk. For decades, we have helped thousands of the world’s leading financial institutions and corporations to use our products to achieve their business goals.

Focusing on maximizing customer satisfaction, D+H’s customer services team delivers implementation services, customer support, and training to ensure that customers implement our solutions successfully, and bring their staff and customers up to speed quickly and effectively. This support is maintained beyond implementation, so customers can optimize their investment throughout the lifecycle.

Services Include:

Delivery Services

A quick and efficient implementation helps customers realize the greatest possible value from their investment in the shortest possible time. Applying industry-leading best practices and a field-proven agile methodology, the D+H implementation services team manages every stage of the implementation process.

Customer Support

D+H’s team of customer support specialists are available to respond to technical and functional queries. This team has a solid track record of diagnosing and resolving issues quickly and helping customers maintain smooth day-to-day operations. Equally important, the team provides customers with the information and advice they need to make informed, proactive and timely operational decisions.

Training Programs

D+H’s training services can be tailored for end-users of all types during and beyond implementation. D+H offers both “off-the-shelf” training as well as customized training tailored to meet a customer’s unique needs.