Harland Financial Solutions et Harland Clarke annoncent le lancement d'une solution de marketing direct complète destinée

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enCompass™ Offers Seamless Business Intelligence, Strategy and Campaign Execution

LAKE MARY, FLORIDA (January 27, 2011) – Harland Financial Solutions and Harland Clarke, both part of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., have launched enCompass™, a marketing strategy and multi-channel campaign execution program for banks and credit unions. The solution integrates Harland Financial Solutions’ business intelligence offering with Harland Clarke’s Marketing Services. These capabilities include business intelligence, analytical services, multi-channel integration, as well as direct marketing design, production and fulfillment.

The program begins with analysis and segmentation of a financial institution’s customer data, such as profit contribution, product use, financial behaviors, and more. A Strategic Marketing Assessment outlining observations and recommendations for organic growth and retention is then developed. From there, a multi-channel communications and creative strategy is created, including targets and objectives.  This outlines the channel strategy, including traditional direct mail as well as electronic channels. Finally, comprehensive tracking and reporting is completed for ongoing refinement and program enhancement.

Marquette Bank ($1.8B in assets), based in Chicago, Illinois, used enCompass to manage its new customer onboarding program.

“Leveraging enCompass, Marquette Bank saw an opportunity to level the competitive playing field by deploying timely and highly targeted customer onboarding and cross-sell programs,” said Robert Gallardo, vice president of database marketing at Marquette Bank. “Working with the Harland Financial Solutions and Harland Clarke teams in a joint environment meant the process was well-planned, with everyone contributing to the overall success of our initiative. The team worked with us through every phase of the program, from planning, segmenting and design, to printing, mailing, tracking, and measurement.”

“enCompass represents the convenience and innovation we can deliver to our clients to help enhance their marketing efforts,” said Scott Hansen, executive vice president of business development, Harland Financial Solutions. “We do this through accessing a vast range of products and services across our larger organization to provide a comprehensive solution that simplifies our clients’ jobs, helps them maximize their valuable resources and grants them the greatest returns on their marketing investments.”

“Our goal is to offer solutions that help our clients increase revenue, decrease costs and enhance their account holders’ experience,” said Jana M. Schmidt, executive vice president of sales and marketing, Harland Clarke. “We accomplish this through creating needed products and services, or partnering on that development to ensure a superior offering. enCompass reflects the latter; it delivers a robust yet seamless continuum of comprehensive direct marketing capabilities to help our clients meet their business objectives.”


About Harland Clarke
Harland Clarke Corp. (www.harlandclarke.com) is a leading provider of best-in-class integrated payment solutions, marketing services, security solutions, and retail products. It serves clients in multiple industries including financial services, retail, healthcare, insurance, and telecommunications; and ranging in size from major corporate brands and trade groups to micro-businesses and individual consumers. Within its payment solutions business, Harland Clarke provides needed products and services to approximately 9.000 banks, credit unions and major investment firms. Harland Clarke Marketing Services’ portfolio is expansive, with a dozen solutions designed to address the needs of banks and credit unions and their account holders through life cycle management. Harland Clarke delivers integrated marketing campaigns focused on acquisition, onboarding, engagement, retention, and cross-selling, utilizing extensive print, phone and email channels for campaign execution. Headquartered in San Antonio, Texas, Harland Clarke employs more than 4,500 people nationwide and operates manufacturing and contact center facilities in multiple states and communities. Harland Clarke Corp. is an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which also owns Harland Financial Solutions, Inc. and Scantron Corp.

About Harland Financial Solutions
Harland Financial Solutions, Inc. (www.harlandfinancialsolutions.com) supplies software and services to thousands of financial institutions of all sizes, offering its solutions in both an in-house and service bureau environment. It is a leader in core systems, business intelligence, branch automation, payment processing, enterprise content management, lending, risk management, compliance, financial accounting, mortgage and self-service solutions. In December 2010, Harland Financial Solutions acquired uMonitor, expanding its capabilities in self-service and electronic payments. The company is an indirect, wholly-owned subsidiary of Harland Clarke Holdings Corp., which also owns Harland Clarke and Scantron.

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